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How to tell which suit, tuxedo shop is right for me?

Tips on where to find the perfect suit or tuxedo for your wedding.

Your big day is a big deal.

After you’ve googled, read reviews, and investigated many options to see which tuxedo shop you want to visit, you may begin to realize that there’s a few differences between these stores.

As a groom, you should only be interested in getting your tuxedo from the best.

Once you have narrowed down your list of shops remember there’s only so much that you can tell about a store by looking them up online. It’s always a good idea to get that in-person interaction when choosing the right shop to get your tuxedo and groomsmen tuxedos from.

Not all tuxedo shops are alike.

Stores like bridal shops, dry cleaners, tailor shops, etc. advertise that they rent or sell suits and tuxedoes, but these stores do not specialize in tuxedos and will have a limited selection and only carry tuxedos for additional streams of revenue. For that reason, many of those stores run the tuxedo portion out of a catalog only.

In other words, they are just middlemen in the business. You may have come across this in bridals shops where they have a small section in their store dedicated to tuxedos. With only a few options on display and their sales team may lack of expertise when it comes to fitting for your suit or tuxedo.

What to look for in a great tuxedo and suit shop:

  1. When you’re talking about the finest tuxedo shops, an experienced team is a must. In a good tuxedo and suit shop, the staff are experts at what they do, so you shouldn't have any problems. If something with your tuxedo needs adjusted, the salesperson should be able to have it corrected in a day or two.

  2. You want to “get fitted” not just measured. Fitted means you get to try on everything, then the staff will take your measurements for accuracy. When the shop tries to get every detail right from the start, you know they are great at what they do.

  3. A good tuxedo shop should carry an extensive variety of sizes for everyone in your wedding party, from fitting the father-of-the-bride all the way to the ring bearer. Matching colors will be very important to your bride. An experienced shop will have a wide array of color swatches to perfectly match the bridesmaid’s gowns and flowers.

  4. Out-of-town groomsmen, no problem. Most tuxedo shops can advise you on where to have your groomsmen measured so their information can be sent into the store that will be doing the final fitting.

  5. On-site alterations are always a plus. These alterations will determine how many trips you or your groomsmen are going to have make back and forth if something needs a little extra attention when the tuxedos is picked-up and tried on.

This is just a short list of tips to help you find the perfect suit, tuxedo shop for your wedding.


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