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10 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Tuxedo

If you want to achieve the highest level of formality, there’s no substitution for a tuxedo. Also known as a “tux,” this formal outfit consists of satin facings on the jacket’s lapels as well as a stripe on the trouser’s outseams. Tuxedos are also traditionally worn with a bow tie instead of a necktie, but it is all personal preference. Like all suits, however, tuxedos are available in countless different styles. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following factors when choosing a tuxedo.

1) The Color

One of the first things to consider when choosing a tuxedo is the color. Not surprisingly, the most common color in which tuxedos are made is black. A traditional black tuxedo is guaranteed to enhance your appearance while offering a high level of formality. With that said, you can find tuxedos available in dozens of other colors, including white, navy, maroon, beige and more.

2) The Fabric

Like all suits, tuxedos are available in many different fabrics. Wool is the most popular fabric, great for year-round events and overall the best quality. Think about when you’ll be wearing the tuxedo and choose a fabric that’s appropriate for the climate.

3) The Lapels

As previously stated, one of the characteristics that distinguishes tuxedos from traditional suits is that the former has satin facings on the lapels, whereas the latter does not. As a result, it’s important to consider the lapels when choosing a tuxedo. Pay attention to satin design and overall style. If it doesn’t match your style, you should choose a different tuxedo. You’ll find that tuxedo jackets feature a myriad of lapel configurations. Some are basic, while others are more complex. Regardless, there’s probably a lapel style out there with your metaphorical name on it. It’s up to you, however, to find it.

4) The Buttons

Don’t forget to check the buttons when choosing a tuxedo. Tuxedo jackets generally have one or two buttons. Some, however, have three or more buttons. If you want a traditional look with your tuxedo, stick with a one- or two-button jacket. It’s a simple, classic look that never goes out of style. Just remember to leave the bottom button undone if your tuxedo jacket has two or more buttons. You can button the top and middle buttons, but the bottom button should be left undone.

5) The Vest

While not always included in a tuxedo, you should still consider the vest when choosing a tuxedo. No tuxedo is complete without a cummerbund or vest. It’s an otherwise simple accessory that adds a new level of formality to your appearance. If a tuxedo doesn’t come with a matching vest, consider the type of vest that you want to wear with it. You can either wear a vest in the same color as your suit jacket and trousers, or you can opt for a completely different color. The key thing is that you choose a vest color that flows cohesively with the rest of your tuxedo. If your tuxedo jacket and trousers are black, for instance, you don’t want to wear a brown vest (brown and black clash). Instead, consider wearing a black or gray vest, either of which will match a black suit.

6) The Design

Not all tuxedos feature a single color. Some tuxedos feature designs consisting of two or more colors. Plaid, for example, is a popular design found in men’s tuxedos. It’s a slightly bolder and more visually appealing option than a single-color suit.

7) Suit or Suit Separates

You can choose a tuxedo either as a complete suit or suit separates. Normally, tuxedos consist of three pieces: a jacket, trousers and a vest. But you can also buy these pieces separately, known as suit separates. Most guys prefer to stick with an actual tuxedo suit and not suit separates, as this ensures that all of the suit’s pieces match. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should avoid wearing suit separates, though. It’s perfectly to fine to wear suit separates as long as the pieces all match.

8) The Jacket Tails

Check the tuxedo jacket to see if it has tails. In the past, tails were a common feature found on men’s evening coats. Basically, the tail is an area in the back of a suit jacket where the fabric splits in two, creating the appearance of a tail. While this feature has somewhat faded from popularity, some suit jackets, especially tuxedo jackets, still feature tails.

9) The Fit

Arguably, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a tuxedo is the fit. If it’s too big, it will create the dreaded “clothes hanger” effect, making it appear as if your body is a clothes hanger with the tuxedo draping off it. If the tuxedo is too small, it will look equally if not more awkward. Furthermore, an undersized tuxedo may restrict your ability to move, creating an uncomfortable scenario for you on your evening out. You can avoid problems such as these, however, by ordering your tuxedo from Ingram's. We offer custom sizing on all suits so that you get the perfect fit every time.

10) Rent or Buy

Finally, consider whether you want to rent or buy your tuxedo. Not surprisingly, buying a tuxedo costs more money than renting one. When deciding whether to rent or buy a tuxedo, consider how frequently you’ll wear it. If you plan on wearing it multiple times — which most guys do — it’s probably a smart decision to go ahead and buy a tuxedo.

By following the tips listed here, you should have a better idea of which tuxedo to buy (or rent). Most importantly, though, choose a tuxedo that you are comfortable wearing. Ingram's caters to the requirement of suits for people with varying physical needs, shapes and sizes.

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