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Wedding Day Tips For The Groom

She said yes! Now what? Maybe it’s time to relax until the big day, right? Wrong. Unless you really want to spend the months before your wedding sleeping on the couch. As industry experts, Ingram's staff live and breathe weddings. Let our years of experience help guide you through the big day.

We have condensed our advice to grooms on their wedding day into a few top tips:

1. Before the big day offer support.

There is no doubt that getting married is one of the most stressful things you will ever do.So it's no wonder that couples have a hard time planning a wedding.However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the months leading up to the big day go smoothly.There's more to it than just showing up. Your future bride needs help and support in the build up to the event. Get in a wedding state of mind as soon as your fiancée starts looking at setting a date.

2. Don't say "Yes" to everything.

The right answer when planning a wedding sometimes ‘no’. While it is important to agree with your future spouse on most things it is ok to share your own thoughts and vision for your big day. For a bride-to-be, nothing is more frustrating than her fiancé saying yes to everything she asks for. Your opinion on even a few key elements (the guest list, the food and the music) will show her that you support her. Having you on board will take the stress out of planning a wedding.

3. Get your "To-Do's" done.

You need to be prepared for the day in order to chill and relax along with partying on your wedding. The reason for this is that you would not be stressed about anything and it would most likely save you time. Now you know about the honeymoon, so it is better to pack your stuff in your suitcase already, as those may include groomsmen gifts as well as wedding day essentials.

4. Fuel-up and hydrate for your big day.

You are not supposed to panic and eat a whole bowl of sugary cereal and don't skip your breakfast that day. You just need the essential proteins in the form of those omelettes, or eggs cooked your favorite way, greek yogurt topped with oats along with fruits and nuts. These foods will help you maintain your energy for the wedding ceremony. Orange juice, tea or even coffee would set up your mood for the day.

5. Keep things in perspective and stay positive.

Staying calm and collected is important because your big day is a big deal. Understand that it is okay to feel confusing emotions but just realize that people are there to celebrate your happiness. At last, you are marrying the person you love the most. There may be imperfections and problems that arise but that does not mean your day is wasted. Those little imperfections intend to make your day the perfect one because honestly, those are the memories you strive to make on your wedding day. So allow yourself to enjoy every moment with jitter, joy and everything.

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