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Tech Trending Weddings

Going high-tech with smart and savvy wedding ideas!

Grow your guest list virtually using the technology at your finger tips. If some of your guests are uncomfortable attending in person, live stream your wedding and they can celebrate the event with you from home. Some venues will allow you to rig up your own live stream, and some are offering with their wedding packages. Either way, it’s a great way to capture the day.

Another great feature on social platforms is ”watch parties,” allowing you to easily broadcast your big day. Some people are planning to hire professionals to observe and shoot the live stream.

Couples have been creating private groups and wedding websites for a while, places where the guests can interact with each other before, during, and after the celebration.

Drones are a fun way to get up close and personal at receptions and ceremonies! Use a wedding drone to get amazing, never-seen-before angles. Modern drones are super agile, so what you can do with a wedding drone is really only limited by your imagination. It’s best to dedicate one of your experienced guests or a professional for this task.

Capture all of those special moments with a strategically placed GoPro in the brides flower bouquet for a once in a life time view!

Virtual wedding planning is a great resource for venue planning, and a lifesaver for destination weddings. Out of state and out of country weddings are more popular than ever, which has put a strain on the planning component when it comes to layout and decor.

This is no longer an issue with wedding planners now being able to communicate, design, and plan from remote locations.

Stay organized, on time, and on a budget, with a convenient wedding planning app and access everything you need at your fingertips!

Speaking of fingertips, consider upgrading your wedding ring to the modern version. High-tech smart wedding bands are trending, allowing you to pair with your favorite apps and track just about anything with your bodies like heart rates and sleeping patterns.

There's lots to celebrate this year, so think big, work smart, not hard, and enjoy the planning process with modern style!


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