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Men’s Fall Fashion: Style Guide

There’s a lot to love about the Fall season and the return of cooler temperatures. Fall is an opportunity to step your style game up in more ways than one.

When it comes to men’s fall fashion, there are so many ways to express one’s personal style.

It's Layering Season

Layering allows you to stay one step ahead of the unpredictable fall temperatures. Wearing a few thin layers rather than one thick coat makes you look more like a man and less like a bundle.

Pro tip: DON'T be the guy who wears 5 visible layers. Keep it to 3 max!

A few essential pieces to consider for layering (not ALL in the same outfit):

  • Long-sleeve t-shirts

  • Polos

  • Plaids & flannels

  • Button-down shirts and dress shirts

  • Vests & waistcoats

  • Sweaters and cardigans

IN STOCK: Add a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans to pull your layered look together.


Knitwear is King

Sweaters help dapper men transition between the seasons, add texture and layers to outfits, and stay warm in chilly environments.

Some key points with knits:

  • They should be properly-fitted, not baggy in the body, sleeves, waist and shoulders.

  • Thin and smooth knits are perfect for layering (rather than big & bulky).

Great options for knitwear include:

  • Sweaters (crew & v-neck)

  • Cardigans

  • Cable knit sweater

  • Half-zip & mock neck

  • Sweater vest

  • Turtlenecks


Follow A Fall Color Palette = Warm Tones

take a cue from nature! The leaves and landscape is changing colors – your wardrobe should too ...

Here are the key colors that should make an appearance in your fall wardrobe:

  • Burgundy

  • Burnt oranges & golds

  • Browns

  • Olive greens

  • Navy


Accessories Are Optional (But Are Always A Great Finishing Touch)

These pieces make for great final layering options:

  • Belts by Florsheim to coordinate with your shoes

  • Skip the boring dress socks and step up to step out with a fun pattern

  • Pocket Squares in all the right colors

  • From classic to contemporary, Florsheim shoes for men are always a hit

  • Get organized with a new leather Wallet

  • Ties, Suspenders, and Bowties to show off your personality

  • Outerwear (Jackets, Overcoats & Topcoats)

Our Commitment

For nine decades, the haberdashers at Ingram's have crafted ensembles of the finest garments for clients who demand nothing less than the best.

Our commitment to you is to exceed your expectations by providing service excellence.

We tailor wardrobes to the client’s exact specifications, delivering clothing of remarkable character and peerless quality.

Experience Ingram's Men Shop today by visiting our showroom in Hagerstown, Maryland or contacting us!


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